What To Do With All That Bump

Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting moments as a woman. There’s a roller coaster of emotions as pregnancy affects every part of your body. For example: during the first trimester, I experienced nausea, pregnancy hormones, cramping, and breast tenderness. The best time of your pregnancy will most likely be during your second trimester. That’s when I felt my baby’s first movements, and I was able to buy a new wardrobe for my baby bump. However, I, like many others, experienced symptoms such as pressure and swollen feet. Once the last trimester hits you will start to feel nervous, experience shortness of breath, and contractions. Knowing that your baby is growing is thrilling, but you may sometimes feel self-conscious of your body weight. As a Mom, you need to focus on why your body is changing. You’re nourishing your baby and it will all be worth it when you give birth to your bundle of joy. Be kind to yourself and understand that every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy.

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24 hours after giving birth, your stomach will start to shrink and women, on average, lose 12 pounds almost instantly. After 6 weeks your uterus should go back to its original size. Your self-esteem will lower after having a baby, you are not alone. You need to understand that you are Wonder Woman trying to care for your baby every hour of the day while doing other daily tasks – but you can’t forget about self-care! Getting a new wardrobe during and after your pregnancy is a sure fire way to help boost your confidence. Finding the right clothes means understanding how to find the right size and what style best fits you.

Usually, your body will start to change drastically during your second trimester. With your baby growing, keep in mind to buy clothes that you can grow into. By purchasing clothing that will fit you now and in a few weeks, you save more money!

How to Measure Your Body in 5 Steps

Everyone has different body types and react differently to pregnancy. You probably want proper measurements to gain a better understanding of how to dress comfortably for your baby bump. Below is how to measure each part of your body with a measuring tape. Make sure to stand up straight and measure on bare skin to get the most accurate fit.

  1. Waist – measure the largest part of your baby bump; normally around the belly button.
  2. Hips – measure the widest part of your hips.
  3. Empire (right below your bust) – measure around the band of your bra.
  4. Bust – measure around the fullest part of your breasts while keeping your arms loose by your side.
  5. Inseam – measure from your crotch to your ankle.

There are a lot of dos and don’ts of pregnancy wardrobe that you need to be aware of! Pregnant moms need to wear comfortable clothes, from your bra to pants. Bras are also one of the primary clothing articles that you need to take into consideration. Your breasts are going to become bigger which means you need the most support. Below are more clothing rules you should follow when figuring out what to or not wear:

The Do’s

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  1. Wear clothes that help support your baby bump.
  2. Purchasing looser clothing is more budget-friendly and gives you more room as your baby belly grows.
  3. Choose stretchy clothing like maxi skirts and leggings.

The Don’ts

  1. Avoid extremely body-hugging outfits.
  2. Stay away from high heels and opt for flat shoes or sandals.
  3. If you feel restricted, you probably shouldn’t wear it.

After your pregnancy, you’ll still have part of your baby bump for up to 6 weeks. Just because you have a belly, doesn’t mean you can’t strut into the room looking fierce– at home and at work. Stylish postnatal clothes aren’t far-fetched so check out these 3 tips to elevate your wardrobe:

  • Old Clothes Can Be Your New Clothes

You can start by looking to repurpose some of your old clothes. There are definitely some key items in your closet that you can use postnatal. For example, cardigans, kimonos, ponchos, and loose jackets are not only awesome for dressing up a super comfortable look, but they can also double as nursing wraps!

  • Professional Postnatal Bump Chic

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Post-baby means back to work and you’ll need to invest in loose-fitting blouses. Blouses are not only work-setting appropriate but also generally looser material– this allows you to remain work appropriate while still dressing comfortably. Also, build your professional maternity clothes style by adding a blazer to your closet! Blazers not only boosts your outfit’s professional quality but give you more shape.

  • Personalize Your Look With Accessories

Using a watch and simple jewelry can help add a professional essence or pop of color to your look. If you’re an all-black outfit kind of gal, adding color with accessories is a perfect way to up your wardrobe game.

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