Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Be Uncomfortable

If you have a new bundle of joy on the way — you already know you’re going to face physical transformations. From bigger breasts to belly bumps, you will need a new wardrobe full of clothing that’s going to grow with you. Comfortable clothing will be your best friend for those 9 months of pregnancy. As much as you may want to stay in PJ’s the entire day, sometimes you’ll need to go outdoors and socialize. If this happens, these tips will be helpful in finding just the right clothes for pregnancy. 

Looser fitting clothes are of course going to be more comfortable whether you’re lounging in the house or going out for brunch. Purchasing slightly bigger sizes will be perfect as your baby bump grows. Leggings, sweats, and even yoga pants will be your best friend throughout your pregnancy. If you’re really worried about looking presentable, try to find some fashionable and chic colors and patterns that make it acceptable for you to be in public in sweatpants.

Showing off your belly with a skin-tight dress is one of the many popular fashion trends. Although it’s a cute way to show off your baby bump, avoid super tight dresses! You’ll be uncomfortable and find a hard time moving. Some women even feel insecure as these tight dresses cling to your body and show off every curve. If you feel like you can’t move properly, toss it aside. Try to stick with flat shoes — fancy sandals can replace those high heels. Your feet will swell and being in high heels for a long period of time will only have you regretting that decision within 15 minutes of standing on them. 

With your breasts to becoming more tender and heavier, you’re going to need proper support. Fabrics like cotton and spandex will be your best bet to a bra that absorbs moisture and you’re less likely to get skin irritation. Baby bumps can take a toll on your back, so make sure the bra supports your back and shoulders. Look for a bra with double straps to for that extra support.

Upliftes provides a bra with various strap and clasp adjustments to best fit your body as you wish.

Exercising while you’re pregnant is great for you and your baby, you can see the benefits of it here. However, if you happen to decide you want to get off the couch, any activewear you decide to wear or purchase should definitely be airy and loose-fitting. Natural fibers like spandex will help manage body temperature while giving you more flexibility to move. Essentially the stretchier the fabric, the better!

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