Only 1 in 4 Pregnant Women Exercise

Remaining active during and post pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Not only does remaining active benefit you physically and emotionally, but it also benefits your baby.

About 14% of pregnant women experience preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a complication which causes dysfunction in the placenta blood vessels, therefore causing an unborn baby to receive less oxygen and nutrients inside the womb. If preeclampsia is severe and worsens, your baby may experience poor fetal growth or even premature birth. Research has shown that exercise and remaining active during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of hypertension and preeclampsia.

Not only does exercise help reduce preeclampsia and hypertension, but it also helps the mother with the following:

  • Lessens the risk of gestational diabetes by 30%
  • Less pregnancy weight gain
  • Less tiredness during pregnancy
  • Potential fewer hours laboring
  • Reduces the risk of an unplanned C-Section
  • Reduces stress

As a new Mom, you will do everything in your hands to take care of your baby prior to and after birth. It is vital that you remain active and healthy whilst pregnant, as it also positively affects your baby with the following:

  • Developing a healthier heart
  • Normal birth weight
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory distress syndrome

We have compiled a list of exercises that will benefit your baby in the womb:

  • Walking – make sure you are walking at a brisk pace for about 30 minutes every day is possible
  • Swimming – water workouts are great whilst pregnant, water supports your heavy baby weight and allows you to move freely. Swimming will also allow you to keep your heart rate up.
  • Strength training – this can make your muscles and bones strong, a benefit which you will notice during labor. Ask your physician the adequate amount you should be lifting.

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Most women’s frequently asked questions are “when can I start working out prior to or after having a baby?” and “is it safe to do exercises while pregnant?”

The answer is yes. However, the terms and restrictions to it will be given to you by your healthcare provider. Your doctor will give you the green light when it comes to the best exercise while pregnant and any exercises not recommended during pregnancy.

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