I’m Pregnant, Now What? (Weeks 7-10)

I’m Pregnant, Now What? (Weeks 7-10)

During this stage of your pregnancy, everything begins to feel real even if you’re still keeping it a secret from your family, friends and colleagues. Your pregnancy test will come back positive if it hasn’t already, and you’ll have your first prenatal visit. Although your nausea and fatigue might make it obvious to you that you’re pregnant, others won’t notice for several more weeks. Here’s what to expect during this surreal time.

Week 7

Your baby has doubled in size from the week before and has grown 10,000 times bigger than it was a month ago. Still, your little one is only the size of a blueberry.

Most of the growth is happening in your burgeoning genius’ brain. Your baby is also developing longer limbs and kidneys.

You probably aren’t showing, but it’s not uncommon to feel like your belly is expanding. It might just be bloat, but it could be the result of your uterus expanding past your pelvic cavity.

Week 8

As the second month of pregnancy comes to an end, your baby is the size of a raspberry and growing about one millimeter per day. Your belly might be expanding ever so slightly, but you look more like you do after Thanksgiving dinner than a pregnant lady.

Other symptoms indicate the certainty of your pregnancy, though. Your breasts are getting larger, and they may be tender. That’s because they’re prepping to produce milk.

Nausea can be strong, and you might have aversions to food and smells. Some mothers-to-be swear by ginger or motion sickness wristbands to get them through. Naps help a lot too.

If you’re heading to the doctor, you’re likely to hear your baby’s heart beat this week.

Week 9

Your little fruit salad is growing. With baby the size of a cherry, it has officially turned the corner from embryo to fetus this week.

The pregnancy hormone hCG is peaking in your system, which means that your pregnancy symptoms might be at their most intense. Morning sickness may be raging. Just when you’re able to sit down and put your feet up, you have to pee.

You find that you have to keep tissues around. These help mop up the emotional tears that seem to arise out of nowhere. (Thanks, hormones!) They also help you deal with the congestion that comes with increased mucus production.

The fact that your uterus has already doubled in size might make it difficult to zip up your pants. Get comfy and find some clothing that fits a little more comfortably even if you don’t feel ready for maternity clothes yet. Your health care provider will probably talk to you about the normal amount of weight gain for this stage of pregnancy.

Week 10

At two months and one week of pregnancy, you can see the changes in your body even if other people just think that you ate a large sub sandwich. Your baby is the size of a strawberry, and your body is changing to accommodate this growth.

You may notice that your veins are more visible through your skin, especially on your breasts and abdomen. What looks like a road map is evidence that your blood volume has increased by almost 50 percent. Your baby needs this extra blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen. Your veins should go back to normal after your child is born and you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

It can be tough to eat healthfully. You might be turned off by foods that smell strong, but subsisting on rice and bagels adds to the normal constipation that can be caused by pregnancy. Try eating whole grains and fresh fruits to ensure that you’re getting enough fiber. Staying hydrated even though you’re running to the bathroom every hour can also keep your digestive system running smoothly.