I’m Pregnant, Now What? (Weeks 11-14)

I’m Pregnant, Now What? (Weeks 11-14)

By the time you’re in your eleventh week of pregnancy, you’re almost out of the first trimester. That usually goes along with the welcome relief from morning sickness. As your bump becomes defined, you celebrate the fact that you feel a little better and this baby thing is getting much more real. Here’s what’s going on with your body and baby from week 11 to 14.

Week 11

Your hormones are raging, and your body doesn’t quite feel like your own. Your baby is the size of a lime, and it takes a lot of work to grow a child. Although you’re probably exhausted, you can look forward to an energy boost in a couple of weeks.

Your belly is starting to protrude, but it could still look like you’re bloated or gassy. You probably are feeling more flatulent than you expected. Your digestion slows down when you’re pregnant, increasing your chances of having tummy issues.

Week 12

Things are beginning to change quickly now. The size of a plum, your baby’s major organs have mostly formed. Your little one will do a lot of growing from here.

So will you. Your bump is official, and you may consider breaking the news to the loved ones who haven’t guessed that you’re expecting.

Your nipples may have darkened significantly by this week. You might even develop a dark line that extends south from your belly button. This is temporary and should go away after your hormones regain balance post-birth.

Vaginal discharge increases during pregnancy to keep bacteria away from your cervix. Consider grabbing some pantiliners if it bothers you. Your cervix is sensitive now, and you may notice some spotting. Contact your physician if you have a heavy flow or abdominal pain.

Week 13

After you hear the first heartbeat around the time of the eight-week ultrasound, reaching this week feels like your second major milestone. You’ve entered the second trimester and are about three months along.

This stage brings some pleasant surprises. For most women, the nausea dissipates. You may have a surge in your libido that enhances your pregnancy glow. You feel like you could use a walk instead of a nap.

Staying mobile now can reduce some side effects of pregnancy, such as constipation, bloating and achiness. Exercising during pregnancy may also make labor shorter.

Week 14

By the time that your baby is the size of a peach, you’re likely feeling peachy. You’re able to hold down food. In fact, you’re downright hungry.

Your baby is growing so quickly that you might want to increase your daily calorie intake by about 300 calories. Your weight gain may accelerate, but it’s normal to gain up to two pounds per week at this time.

The fetus is also growing a layer of downy peach fuzz. This is called lanugo and protects him from the cold. This fine hair may be noticeable on your little one’s shoulders or forehead at birth.

One of the best things that happen around this time is that your body stops shedding hair at its normal rate. You hold onto more strands, leaving you with full, shiny locks for the remainder of your pregnancy.

On the downside, your belly may ache because of its rapid growth. If you feel cramps in your hips or lower belly, ask your doctor about them. Your ligaments may just be accommodating your shifting center of gravity.