How to Measure Your Pregnant Body in 3 Steps

Shopping for maternity clothes can seem daunting because your body is constantly changing. We’ve compiled a maternity clothing guide to help all current and future moms out there.

Know and Accept Your Mom Bod

Learning about your body size starts with finding out your measures as this will help you find clothes faster, and compliment your body more. What new moms need to understand is that your body will start to drastically change around the12th week of pregnancy and the numbers you’re measuring (as high as they may be) make sense. Maternity clothing sizes are actually the same number as your pre-pregnancy size, the only difference is the measurements. If you were size large pre-pregnancy, then chances are you’re also a size large in maternity clothing.

Make sure to grab a tape measure and stand up straight when measuring your body.

Baby Bump/Waist

Wrap the measuring tape around the largest part of your baby bump.


When measuring this part of your body, round to the nearest whole number. To get the band size, measure underneath your breasts. To measure the cup size, measure the fullest part of your breasts and subtract the band size. Take that number and click here to see what your cup size is.


Measure where your pants normally sit and measure from your ankle to your pubic bone—this will be especially useful when buying maternity jeans

Surprise, surprise — maternity sizing works exactly like women’s normal clothing sizes. Naturally, there is a difference in measurement but they’re just called maternity clothing. For instance, if you were a size 10 pre-pregnancy, then you should look for size 10 in maternity clothes. The same concept works for other pieces of clothing; if you were a medium in shirts, get a medium in maternity clothing. Unfortunately, not all shops will let you try on clothes before purchasing and if you’re shopping online – these measuring tips might come in handy when deciding what size to purchase.

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