5 Methods To Help Increase Fertility

Many women desperately want a baby and have been trying to conceive (most commonly known as the term – “TTC”), but nothing has worked for them. However, there are several things you can do to help ensure that you are increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. We are sharing our 5 essential tips for you to try if you are looking to add a new member to your family!

While there are key foods which help boost how fertile a woman is —  there are also items which work against improving it. For instance, in order to promote fertility, you should be looking to increase your intake of antioxidants and vitamin, while also decreasing your intake of carbohydrates (trust me, I know this one hurts). Be sure to contact your doctor to keep an eye out for any deficiencies you may be suffering from as well as a surplus of food components to ensure you are finding a healthy balance. 

Destiny wearing the shade Cinnamon.

Being active has multiple benefits to your health. Therefore, it is no surprise that your fertility can too reap the benefits of your increased athleticism. A sedentary lifestyle is more often associated with an increase in the risk of infertility. As much as you may love to sit on the couch all day watching movies, you can’t. Even if your schedule only allows for a 30-minute walk, take it!

An increase in activity is an increase to your fertility.  

 Alcohol has been proven to alter the duration in which it takes a couple to get pregnant. Therefore, if you choose to consume alcohol while trying to conceive, do so carefully! As fun as it might seem to go out with some friends and take a couple of shots – a baby is a more rewarding way to spend your weekend.

There are specific supplements that have been linked to an increase in fertility. Some of these include (but are not limited to) maca and bee byproducts. These items contain natural properties which result in increased sperm quality and oftentimes counteract infertility complications such as endometriosis.

Remember your health is reflected onto your baby.

Everything you feel, from the moment they are conceived to the moment they are born, they feel too.

For this reason, it is important for you to ensure your stress levels are being regulated as much as possible by getting proper rest. Try to sleep a full set of seven hours a night. We know that the TTC journey is a hard, emotional one, but try to be as stress-free and rested as possible. 

Remember that the pregnancy process is different for everyone. Remember that it’s important to look after your health, not stress, or rush the process of your pregnancy. It may take a while to conceive, but with these tips and the help of your doctor, hopefully, that journey begins soon. 

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