3 Tips To Help You Find Your Maternity Style

Your sense of style might be at a loss with your new belly. You might be feeling desperate and big, you can’t fit into your old, cute clothes! It’s okay. Every pregnant woman goes through this phase and realization early on in their pregnancy. We are giving all those fashionable mommas out there our top 3 tips to help you find your own sense of style in this new body.

It seems crazy to say to repurpose your old clothing when you know you won’t fit properly in them anymore. A lot of your loose jackets can be used as a trendy oversized statement piece. Cardigans and kimonos are usually versatile when it comes to sizing so make sure to keep them part of your closet.

Knowing what counts as professional, work maternity clothes is essential. Blouses are better than button ups because they provide more room to breathe and help you appear slimmer. Worst case scenario, if you ever feel like there’s no structure to your outfit or can’t find a blouse, throw on a blazer or jacket. It looks professional and cute.

The proper accessories and outerwear can help you develop a personalized style using your simple wardrobe without adding any discomfort. Additionally, outerwear can work similarly. For example, just as you may use a blazer to add structure to your business attire, you can pair a denim jacket with a maxi dress. This makes it look more casual and structured while still remaining super comfy and stylish. Yes, you may have a small pooch, wider thighs, and even some saggy skin but learning to accept your new body will allow you to feel more comfortable in your skin and help you learn to dress accordingly. Never forget to give your body the time it needs to recover and wear your choice of outfits proudly and confidently. You may also want to wear jewelry if you want to take the attention away from your growing belly. Some cute earrings, rings, or necklaces can make your outfit pop. 

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