Our Mission

Uplifties is inspired by the active and determined women pursuing the life we want to achieve. Being a mother should not be any different. We create products to support you through the major milestones in your motherhood journey. Because we understand that taking care of your baby starts with taking care of you.


Bras Designed For You


Our wire-free bras hug your body as it changes through maternity for a seamless silhouette.

Better Fit

We strive to find the highest quality materials that fit comfortably on new mothers.


Our bras are detailed with embroidered lace to stand out from the average maternity bra.

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Meet Anna

“My four-year-old son is definitely one of my biggest motivations in life.”

Meet Sophia

“When I feel stylish and comfortable, I feel so much more confident. I feel like I can conquer the world.”

Meet Destiny

“I’m going to continue to walk in the room and be that woman, and not really care what anybody has to say.”

Meet Kirsten

"I’m still learning to love my body, but I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin wearing clothes that make me feel good."

The Perfect Fit That Uplifts

"Once you know what works, you won't want to try others."

- Kimberly Morris, M.S.N.